In nhanh tem Decal trong PVC – Sticker

If you want to decorate, make products that are made from glass or glass, resin in the office, family but do not want to be restricted visibility or obscure things inside. Use decal during printing in Hanoi color printing . This is a smart choice for savvy consumers.

Decal in the fact that a kind of plastic decal throughout. The images, prints will be printed on this material will be coated with a glue inside the convenience of use.
When using transparent material you can paste on many different surface types, planes, curved surfaces or angles. Thanks to that can create the convenience for users. So you can easily mark your mark in many places.
The biggest difference of decal in t is that it is like a transparent plastic film. When you look at it you can see through the decal layer to see the product inside.
More decal in general and decal inIn particular, it is widely used in many areas, in many areas of life. Most prominent is to decorate and produce stamps.

To produce labels, the decal can be easily printed on information, the manufacturer’s brand to stick to the product bearing all the special markings. It can be used to paste on glass bottles, plastic, helmets. Decal is also commonly used to paste motorcycles, cars are fashionable and stylish.

Decal in the
Nguyen Bao Trading and Service Co., Ltd uses modern inkjet technology from famous brand Mimaki to print in pp,  decal , bring good quality publications, outstanding colors and competitive price. . Moreover, using many modern machines, we always meet the needs of  printing decal  immediately for you.

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